Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We had the opening to our show on Friday, it was great! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. Megan did a little window graphics to add some enticement for passerbys. 

I'm realizing now that this is sorta my first real art show. Megan and I did a little show in a family garage a couple years ago but hardly the "putting-yourself-out-there" kind of venue as this. To be an artist, and suddenly find yourself and all your work in public can create very conflicting emotions. On the one hand, you have these pieces that you put incredible amounts of time, thought, and energy into, and you love them and believe in them and you want to share that. But now suddenly people are asking you where these words came from and how do you explain, "well see I was in this long relationship and it ended like this and I felt like shit and I felt these blah blah blah". And you open yourself up to criticism, which is really not that scary (Megan and I know about some criticism - we went to art school and we've already gotten torn apart!) 

The real anxieties I felt with this show came from two places: having so much attention placed on me and wondering if I am going in the right direction with my career, the latter being a mainstay these days that I'm thinking comes with simply being in my 20's. Have you ever heard Wayne White's expression "beauty is embarrassing"? There's something about getting praise or compliments or such that it starts to make you feel real uncomfortable and, well, embarrassed. And you totally appreciate it and it certainly means something to you but I found myself ready to not be the center of attention by the end of the night. I just want people to enjoy the show and enjoy the colors and textures and take whatever meanings they want from it all and allow it to put them in a new place for a moment. And I can watch them from the corner and feel smug in my little heart :)

Not surprisingly enough, I didn't bother pulling out a camera to document the show. That will have to come later! Here's the table while we were still figuring out wall arrangements and I got around to signing the new art prints. Can't wait to share the latest pieces when I can!!

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