Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pink & Blue
Megan Burchett
intaglio print

Fangs For The Memories
Megan Burchett
woodcut, intaglio

Ice Cream, Baby!
Megan Burchett

Hair Portrait #1
Megan Burchett
watercolor, graphite, spray paint

All these pieces were collaged together to make a large cross with fresh carnations surrounding them all. It was really beautiful and made for a great focal point in the room.

Love You
Megan Burchett
pulp painting on homemade paper

The mask is being held up by a cast of Megan's hand, propped on a salvaged piece of vintage housing. It's impossible to see here, but over the eyes is a rope impression spelling out "Love You".
Isn't This The Most...Megan Burchett
watercolor, graphite

Things That Make Noise...
Megan Burchett
watercolor, pastel

Five Years Running
Ann Tilley
acrylic, sharpie on masonite

Weird Kids -- Not So Strange
Megan Burchett
watercolor, graphite on paper

Julie & FruffAnn Tilley
acrylic, felt, dog hair, sewing machine

Lee Ann & Malone
Ann Tilley
acrylic, felt

The dog masks hang in front of the ladies, enabling you to lift them up to reveal the face underneath. Unfortunately, I failed to take a picture without the mask and apparently the pictures I did take were not in focus, so hopefully this can be rectified and new pictures will be up shortly!Stay tuned...

All artwork from the Art Show.


  1. Love them. The frames fit them perfect too! Some day when I can afford a real life. I'd like to commission beatle/hale and bart/tim masks for above our mantel:)

    The final fart you did on the frame (five years running is awesome) I love the mushrooms and the mortise! Sweet!

  2. haha final part not fart. although your final fart was good also.