Friday, December 14, 2012

Palau Quilt

Commissioned by Katherine Skinner

Completed TODAY!
Just got this sucker out of the dryer and laid it out on the floor to photograph. Wouldn't you know that even with me on a ladder, with the camera literally flat against the ceiling, I STILL couldn't get the entire thing in one frame?? Fortunately, my Photoshop skills have not been completely lost and was able to splice two images together. It's funny how different things can look through a camera and how much time you can spend in front of a computer just trying to get it to look like the way it looks in person. But of course nothings the same as seeing it in person! Or sleeping under it!!

Me on top of the ladder. 
There were literally sweat drips coming off my brow trying to get this shot!

Monday, December 10, 2012

So many reasons to love this picture. 

It's very fitting that I should run across this in the "random-drawer-where-everything-gets-shoved" drawer since I just completed a double wedding ring quilt of my own. This double wedding ring quilt hung in my room for many years (unconsciously molding me, I'm sure) until it was replaced by a Matrix poster or some other silly thing of high school importance. I have wanted to pull it out again and have another look at it. I don't know anything about it except that it's now living in one of my grandmother's closets. And I remember my favorite pieces being the fabrics that were falling apart with batting sticking out.

Also of note is the time of day this photo was taken. Obviously a mother's sick joke at getting her daughter out of bed. Sick, mom!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some pictures from the past week...
The leaves have fallen but we're having gorgeous 60 degree days,

...the beer is gettin' goooooooood,

...the boyz are practicing hard,

 ...and I'm figgerin' it out. 
This is a continuation on an idea I started in college. Hate to say I started this piece a while years back, but it's resurfaced and getting some attention, thanks to the 5-year old I baby sat next door. I picked the letter beads up from her. They are what I've been looking for to finish this project. 
We did a bead swap ;)