Monday, November 14, 2011

Yep, apparently I am capable of making furniture and, even more exciting, collaborating!

The insanely-talented Adam Joyce was so kind as to share his wood-working skills, and general furniture-making know-how, with me, and help me make an awesome birthday present for my girl Megan.  Last year's gift seen here.

Adam built the box and I was in charge of upholstering.  The knitted piece was a lucky find in the bottom of a trunk that I happened to open at the right moment.  It was originally going to be made into a pillow but I wasn't happy with it for some reason and can be traced back to 2009.

Adam had the idea for the storage container inside and had the forethought to make it big enough to fit a standard book size.  Everything came together fluidly all in one beautiful day, probably 9 hours in total.  It's amazing how much faster you can move with another pair of hands!  I really loved working with such a fully-capable craftsman and can't wait for our next project together.

And then finally, my favorite part: the bun feet.  Home Depot had only 3 of the 4 feet we desired, so desperation and overall stinginess flung us into the back shed where we procured a lonely roller skate whose wheels were the perfect size and quantity for finishing this project.  GENIUS!

  This piece is being called a foot stool-settee-storage container-tuffett thingy.  Any suggestions on a more streamlined name for this guy?  


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