Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beautiful Memories are Forgotten (Flotation Device)

20" x 24"

acrylic, spray paint on canvas

October 2011

Started this piece after the flight home from Pittsburgh at the end of September. 
Found the perfect sized canvas out of the back storage room and eventually got over the guilt of covering up my brother's art from waaaay back. I know it was a masterpiece, Laurence!

I love starting on a not-blank canvas. It gets you past that complex of making the first mark.

I would've never thought to place the moon behind her head if it wasn't already on the canvas! I love the halo feel to it. Circles have to be my favorite shape (that's right I have a favorite shape) and I love to incorporate them as much as possible. So many meanings behind circles, rings, moons...

I have to credit Megan Burchett for getting me past this stage and helping me resolve the treatment of the sky. I ultimately spray painted the moon to keep his face from taking the focus away from the woman, but I had to leave it transparent enough to remember that he is there.


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