Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An amazing donation got plopped on the doorstep of TSE last week: an incredibly talented knitter's ample collection of unfinished projects! Whether it was that she couldn't stand to look at them anymore or she had sadly passed before these creations were actualized, we don't know, but the knitting enthusiasts who work there (ie-me and Julia!) were a little gaga over them! Probably the most spectacular piece in the collection was the beginning of, what we can assume, a Fair Isle sweater. Julia and I couldn't just let it get thrown into the 50 cent bin (GASP! the yarn alone is worth more than that!!) so we hatched the plan to complete the second repeat of the pattern and end it, making into a cowl neck.

The pattern was easy to decipher because she had already completed it once, so, with Than's help, we transcribed the circle. Oh, and did I mention that the yarn was also donated with the piece?? What luck. Unfortunately we didn't have all the colors but it still made it easy to fudge.

Such a fun project! This was my second attempt at Fair Isle and it was definitely harder than the rug I made. The complexity of the pattern and the teeny tiny needles made it difficult but not wholly scarring! I'm already dreaming up more Fair Isle in my future.

Quick project when you inherit it 75% finished!

Onto the next unfinished knitting project... Entrelac scarf made of beautifully variegating Noro yarn.

I've heard that Entrelac is no easy feat, but I found a similar Noro yarn to finish it with and can't wait to take on the challenge!

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