Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kiki Mariko Rug pattern from the Mason-Dixon girls' second book (Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines)

Dimensions pre-felting = 37 1/2" long by 25" around

Betcha never saw a tubular rug before! Ok, I'm not finished but I had to document my work before I got the hot water and suds out and get this knitwork felted! Once felted, it will shrink in ways that I can't really predict, and will become so tangled that I'll be able to de-tubularize (ie-cut down the middle) and this rug will be a whole lot more rug-like.

I finished it en route from LA to NC but still haven't gotten around to the felting part yet. I want to do it by hand to control the shrinking as much as possible but that's more work than throwing it in the washing machine!

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