Friday, August 28, 2009

I finally watched Twilight and now am learning why fans are so crazy about it. Indeed, I was thoroughly entertained. I was even more entertained to watch some extra footage on the bonus features showing that the premiere was in my neighborhood! It's so funny living in LA and suddenly everything to see on TV is familiar, like, you're sure you know exactly where they are.
I particularly love the Diddy Reese and Mr. Noodle showing up in the background of this picture. Growing up (not in LA) you assume red carpet events are these totally glamorous moments when in real life they're just on the street with some makeshift carpet and velvet ropes. This sounds silly but I always thought it was something normal people were excluded from somehow but it's really regular schmos on the street being a part of it as well.Westwood Village is a very popular place for premieres and I've decided I'll have to witness at least one while I'm here so close. I don't know if I could ever get wrapped up in the whole autograph/fan craze thing but I wouldn't mind screaming a little in good fun.

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