Monday, June 9, 2014

The second reincarnation of LOVE SIGNS is going up next week! Instead of last year, when Megan and I put up ever piece of art we had, we now have the luxury of picking and choosing from our fuller bodies of work. We're really excited not only to show in our hometown, but also to be at The Carrack - a phenomenal non-profit, community-funded art gallery where they are very open-minded in encouraging all types of creativity in the art world. Not to mention 100% of the money from sales goes straight to the artists! That means we can price our work more affordably because we don't have a middle man taking a commission. This is really an amazing resource from the local artist community.

It will only be up for 2 weeks so come out and see it when you can! We have some amazing events planned and we hope you will come celebrate with us!

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