Thursday, May 8, 2014

"BORED" and Alone

Got some new knittings to share this week. 

Find them painfully befitting since I've been holed up in my house, desperate for conversation, a little variety, or at least somewhere or someway to be active. As much as I love knitting, when you find yourself on the couch with the needles for hours at a time everyday, your body starts telling you that you're not meant to sit on your legs for this long.

Went to a great exhibit at the Greenhill Center in Greensboro and was blown away by Noé Katz, particularly his sculptures.

I thought this one was especially fitting of the state-of-mind I've been in lately.

Found the back of this piece inspiring, with the way that the lines sorta echo themselves. So of course I had to explore this idea more...

Flipped the design and knitted it all over again. But this time pulled the tails of my yarn to the front instead of the back. Was unsure if this was going to look good but convinced myself to keep going and just at least see how it would turn out. If it was bad, I at least experimented and it would go into the basket of reject ideas. (It's true, I have experimented so much with color knitting that I have a basketful of failed projects. Hey, maybe one day they will find a new purpose.)


...found some more images from the PA show. Realized they're some pieces that have not found their way on this blog yet.

Tastee food spread from zee party! Doesn't little toothbrushes there look great on a stand?? I'm calling that one "Real Intimacy" (8" x 6 ¾") Also you can see the postcards I had printed up with my contact info on the back. No surprise, that at a dollar a pop, they're my bestsellers!

"Real Intimacy #2"
 in x 7  in

Love this little guy. The cherry wood frames it beautifully.

16 in x 7 in

This was inspired by a letterpress print Megan made with the word "Eons". Since we are showing together in June, we having been finding ways to respond to each other's work, consciously and unconsciously.

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