Friday, January 17, 2014

Wanted to share this recently completed filet crochet piece, "Tig Ol' Bitties"! After I finished "Ain't That Some Shit!", I declared that I would never crochet lace again... yeah, that didn't last very long. Adam encouraged me to make this piece as a complement and follow-up to the last one, and he sold me on this idea when he also came up with the phrase, HA! I loved it though. I physically developed very early on and was surrounded by many ittie-bittie friends, it wasn't till college that I made a friend with larger bitties than me. I specifically remember a high school party where I was given a name tag with this phrase on it by Chris Martz, and the nostalgia of that memory was enough to make me want to crochet this. Also, what's more feminine and beautiful than a great rack?? Everybody likes tig ol'bitties!

Behind the scenes of my photo shoot. Cats, they just GOT to sit on everything! And I just realized now that Adam is using my giant handshake as a blanket, ha! 

I realize that I haven't posted pictures of this piece... I had intentions of working into it more and I'm still a little fuddled on how to take a good picture of it. I was calling it Handshake Rug because my original idea was to felt it and use it as a rug. but all the natural dying I did with the yarn (all the yarn, excepting the black, is hand-dyed) might potentially disappear if I douse this with hot water over and over, which is needed for felting. Still simmering on this... 

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  1. The bitties turned out awesome! I can't stop laughing at Adam laying under the handshake.