Friday, October 4, 2013

McCann Brothers Quilt
65" x 60"

One quilt, three brothers, and their long history with sports.

I was a little down-trotted on this project after finishing the top. I felt like I didn't challenge myself, or do anything new and creative, but then I had a lot of fun with the quilting and that cheered me up. I wrote the three brothers' names with the piping that came from their baseball uniforms. I needed something loopy to break up all the squares and something new I hadn't tried before. 

I didn't buy enough backing fabric so I used what I could find to fill out the rest. They looked like the same color until I stood back to take this pic! Happy accident though, I really like the effect of the subtle patchwork.

A simple label with a good, motherly quote of Tammy's choosing; it fits, I believe. Typically on a label, you write where the quilt was made....but I couldn't decide where was where. Technically, I made the quilt in Hillsborough, Burlington, Durham, and Julian (not to mention Tammy lives in McCleansville). So what exactly do I write? I settled on North Carolina and moved on but I'm still mulling this over!

Didn't really think how the back would look when I traced around the App State helmet but love how it created this point of interest. I also traced around some numbers and found those popping out when I turned the whole thing over. 

You know, there is part of me that wishes I was doing more creative patchwork and not always making t-shirt quilts but there's still plenty of creativity to be had with projects like this. And everyone has these piles of sentimental, unworn shirts in their closets that are so much more appreciated in a project like this, I'm happy to be creating such special, personal quilts for my clients to snuggle under for years!

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