Friday, August 23, 2013

It's official! Art show is going up soon! This will be the first time I've shown my knittings and crochet work from the past year in public, and hopefully not the last. I'd love to get an opportunity to travel around with this series. Not sure of what cities or locations yet...

Green Bean was my first choice for Greensboro and it's happening. They have a great reputation for showing beautiful art in the past and a killer location. I haven't really had much luck with galleries, they either don't get what I'm doing or have weird commission rates. I don't know! I'm figuring this all out right now. That is, how to actually be an artist outside of making it.

Y'all come and visit for the opening September 6th! Or stop by anytime the month of September, free and open 7 days a weeks.

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