Sunday, March 17, 2013

Atlanta T-Shirt Quilt
Commissioned by Jessika Reid, for her husband, Kirk (the crazy one who ran all these marathons!)
60" x 60"

Taught myself how to crazy piece for this one. I thought it was going to be way harder than it was. It did take some practice though. I used freezer paper for my foundation paper, which made it SO much easier to use all the crazy fabrics I chose: velvets, silks, fleece. It did take some time to rip it all off the back after the sewing was finished, but at least that's not hard.

Couldn't help myself, had to frame with an asphalt track! This is one of my first times playing with appliqué, and, with the guidance of Gwen and Freddy, it was totally easy and unique. No hand-stitching, just a little fabric paint.

Broke up the shirts because I just didn't have enough room to put the whole image within the frame I'd left for myself. And, since I was only working with 12 shirts, it helped me fill the empty spaces, and cover up parts of the crazy piecing that looked weird.

I didn't even know what kind of quilting I was going to do around the multi-colored border, just standing there at the long-arm machine. I finished the middle and was like....crunch time. My first swoop of a flame or wing or whatever-you-want looked great and gave me the courage to forage ahead!

Whenever I'm not sure what kind of motif to use, I look to the quilt for any kind of style lines I see repeating. There were all these winged falcons that kept showing up on the shirts so I played with those shapes. Not too girly!

I force my boyfriend to give me his opinion before-hand and he said my original swirly idea was "too girly". 
"This is for a dude, right?"
Good call!

I love this quote Jessika chose for the back, I always give my clients the option to personalize the label and she's been the most creative so far! And we put Kirk's birthday on it since it was to be a birthday present. AND guess what? I got this finished and it delivered Feb. 15th!! Boo-ya!

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