Monday, September 17, 2012

 New art going up on the wall everyday!
I'm anxious to get these pieces in frames so I can really start seeing the finished product I've been envisioning. And that's a matter of finding a free moment in the busy woodworker's schedule...

I admit to being a bit of a defeatist with this whole full-time art life I've taken up...

"why are you doing this?"
"you sound awfully pretentious calling yourself an artist"
"you find this more important than looking for a job??"
"you think your art even matters?"

All insecurities aside, I know there's a point somewhere in all this tangle of stranded knitting. And maybe I don't have my most confident foot in the door but there's something in me that tells me to go with it and just do. 
There's always magic in action.



  1. they look great!

    are there more? I guess I will see when im home.


  2. These are Amazing/You are Amazing.