Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh, the Possibilities.................When You're Rich

I stumbled across a photo gallery on Martha Stewart's website filled with behind-the-scene shots of her Martha Stewart Living office in Midtown Manhattan. I picked all the shots of storage/prop rooms filled with meticulously catalogued fabrics and ribbons and antique corkscrews and all the beautiful stuff that gets used for photographs and such in her magazine. It must be a blast for the people who work there to get to have this kind of inventory at their fingertips. I'm getting inspired just imagining what kind of things you could find in these rooms. Not to mention, these are just a couple pictures, I'm sure that she has even more rooms full of random, one-of-a-kind, expensive, amazing stuff. I mean, there's a guy who works for her with the title -- Editorial Director for Collecting...awesome! Check these out:

Linens, including napkins and kitchen towels, organized by color.

Framed illustrations and photographs make up just a fraction of the prop house's vast inventory. Some flat file drawers hold unframed drawings and mirrors. Others contain flatware and utensils, including silver teaspoons, ladles, Bakelite cutlery, and vintage corkscrews.

In another Weddings closet, patterned dress forms stand in single file; they are occasionally recovered in new fabric for photo shoots -- for example, to complement the palette of bridesmaids' dresses. On the shelves above, clear plastic bins hold pieces of ribbon, silk flowers, and crafts supplies, which are grouped by hue and labeled accordingly.

A counter with an assortment of candlesticks; each of the thousands of items in the collection, which are used for photo shoots and as inspiration for merchandising, is cataloged and labeled.

One of Living's two crafts rooms -- lined with bins containing fabrics, papers, tools, glues, and other supplies.

Dishes in nearly every style and hue -- blue transferware, green Leedsware, and hand-painted creamware, to name a few -- are cataloged and stocked on metal racks in the prop house. On the bottom of each piece is a bar code, so that items can be scanned in and out easily, just like books in a library.

The fabric closet.....yes, please.

Full article here.

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