Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Not only did boss lady, Cyndy, let me leave early on Balloon Celebration's busiest day of the year but she also made me this balloon to give to Than. It's called a 'Gumball' and it is one of my favorite balloons that we make in the store. Wrapped in the bag are a dozen chocolate chip cookies from Diddy Reese.

This morning we made a giant cupcake for another perfectly manicured lawn in Beverly Hills. Matt, the reigning sculpture king, is teaching me in the ways of balloon building and I helped blow all these up and add sprinkles and glitter to the top. I love how he even thinks to put an orange balloon inside the yellow balloon to make it look even more like a flame on the candle. Another rich birthday girl satisfied. I rode home in the back of the van.

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